Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Return, With a Whimper, Not a Bang

Wow. It's... it's been *years*.
Blogging has never been a massive thing for me. Partly it's because I don't feel like I have that much to share (aw, humility, or is that low self-esteem? I can never tell these days), and partly because it feels like documenting experiences slows down the rate of actual... well, experience.

But now I'm back, and I have stuff to say. I've tweeted (@Johenius, in case you didn't know - the bar on the right there should be everything you need), I've presented talks, I've taught, I've loved, I've learned, I've failed and I've learned how being angry can be useful.

Life has this habit of sneaking up on you and imposing itself. Well, I've been imposed upon, I've whined about it, and - after far too much whining - I've solved stuff. And made lots of mistakes along the way. Which makes me an EXCELLENT blogger - I've got hacky solutions to real life problems! So that's part of what I want in this blog.

I suppose the thing that's always concerned me about blogging is that it felt like a personal diary, so it was a place of expression. And to some degree it is - people read blogs for the blogger, as well as the information they provide - but mostly, it's about having something to say that is useful. The days of the one-million-blog blogosphere, of people whining about their angst or describing what they had for dinner is over - we have Twitter to thank for that! (Also: Facebook). Blogs are becoming more refined.

So here's what to expect to find here: a bit of life-stuff (cooking, design, a bit of gaming), a bit of tech stuff (Microsoft stuff at the moment, but Ruby on Rails is en route!), and a bit of South Africa (thanks to my beloved sister, the political blogger :) ).
Anything role-playing related goes to my other blog, so this is The Rest Of My Life, But Only Those Useful Parts.

But as I said, I'm returning with a whimper. This is a fluff first post, so nothing in particular to say, just announcing a return with shame.

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