Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh Wow

A blog post!

Life has been pretty crazy lately. I’m currently working on a terribly complicated project for my company that does software development for 1Time airlines. I’ve spent the last two weeks up to my ears in SRS’s and technical specifications, which confirm what I’ve always thought (IS is a terrible, terrible things which only makes software development more painful if the developers are competent, or merely brings incompetence up to manageability if the developers are not).

I’ve been playing in an awesome RPG campaign run by my new DM Guy, and I’ve just recently started one of my own, set in the epic Ravenloft world.

I’m still hating Johannesburg with every fibre of my being, but at least it’s moved from “I NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS EVIL PLACE!” to merely never wanting to come back when I inevitably move away.

I’ve had loads of interesting chats with the ChattyDM himself, and he’s thrown me a few bones and dropped my name on a few tweets or blogposts. Thanks Phil!

I’ve been trying to cook and bake as time allows, and I’ve made a few great recipes up – but I’m still struggling terribly to make cafe-grade iced coffee :( I bought a blender JUST for this purpose, but can’t get it nice and thick like I was hoping for.

I’ve been playing old games again, a terrible habit I must stop soon! Neverwinter Nights (original of course!), Dwarf Fortress, and on the console Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and quite a bit of Pokemon – I had a guy at work the other day insist that this is the most astonishing thing he’s come across in a while!

I’m missing varsity, I won’t lie. The freedom, and the time to do what I want to do is a part of it, but mostly it’s the people – people who want to learn, who aren’t just learning to finish today’s task. Of course, that’s an attribute, but I’m also missing terribly all my friends from Grahamstown, my former lecturers, and so on.

But now that I’ve updated you all on my life a bit, I’m going to quickly post something up (I’ve got a few thoughts to share) on my other blog, before messing around a little more. This has been my first non-crazy-busy night in quite a while, and I plan on enjoying it!