Friday, April 2, 2010

Well, If You Insist…

This evening, I went out and had a delicious dinner with friends from church, at a Greek restaurant at Cresta Mall. Well, the lamb shank gravy was a touch more bitter than I would have liked, but otherwise it was great (snarky comment had to be made).

After the meal, we did something that really makes me feel alive, something I do rarely and always brings me immense comfort: the group of us bought ice-cream cones (yay, being a kid again!), and walked through the mall. We made silly remarks about the fashions of the moment (the Russian Gypsy look is in, apparently), shot the breeze, and generally just enjoyed each other’s company.

On the way out, one of the women left me with a parting shot, insisting that I had to write. And who am I to deny a beautiful woman anything? :)

Well, I’ve been thinking about a return to regular blogging anyway. The problems of blogging (time, energy, and trying-to-balance-my-mother-reading-this-with-keeping-it-interesting-and-relevant) are, frankly, lame excuses. I’ve got time and energy for World of Warcraft, and other such cathartic activities, and I generally hold to the conviction that if my mother would be shocked reading something, I shouldn’t say it on the public side of the Internet (of course, my mother being who she is, chances are she’d prefer me writing more dodgy stuff…)

So I’m about to toss a slew of posts up about my life at present. Forgive the spam, and I hope that I can keep this going on for a while…

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