Sunday, June 14, 2009

Business Idea Series

In an effort to stimulate my interest in blogging again, I'm going to brainstorm as often (hopefully daily) as I can business ideas.

I have a friend who wants to turn each of these into a business, and wouldn't want me "wasting" them on a public blog, but I honestly believe that the potential for creativity in every sphere of life is unlimited. Especially given limitations, as these help shape and form basic ideas into concrete plans.

I will probably never translate these ideas into actual plans, nor follow-through on them, so I'm putting the ideas in the public domain - feel free to criticize, copy, revise and republish them. What I would appreciate, if possible, is a tip of the hat and a good reference, if they actually come to anything :)

So enjoy - hopefully you'll find something useful amongst the ideas, and turn ??? into profit!

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