Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ted Haggard on Oprah

Reading through Steve's blog, I came across a link which I thought would be quite interesting.

Charisma magazine had an article about Ted Haggard, an outspoken American pastor, who confessed to employing male prostitutes. The article is an uplifting compliment to his defense when he appeared on Oprah.

I subsequently asked my friendly local neighbourhood small-videos-on-the-Internet provider about the same. I've since concluded that the only thing I appreciate about Ted Haggard is the one moment mentioned in the Charisma article. In the words of a friend: "Stop being on my side!"

Barring one or two moments throughout the interview, he is continually taking a weak stance, trying to avoid stating any hard truths.

In fact, it was his *wife* who became outspoken and laid out the smack-down, so major props to her. Madame, you have my respect.

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